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Driven by passion, irreverence and adrenaline motorsport , OverMud® was born in 2013. Since then it evolved and proved to be a valid option and alternative for the áreas we work. Daily driven by our experience we offer you always new products and solutions. In 2015 we presente ourselves in the market with a range of suitably enhanced products to our clients. OverMud® is a Portuguese brand , trying to conquer his place daily , contributing to all our clientes dedicate to what is most important.
The OverMud® is owned by Overmud , Lda NIPC 513378570 and is a registered NATIONAL MARK through the National Institute of Industrial Property under No. 541,513 since April 2015.


We select daily offers thinking only about the final result . We recognize each customer as the most important , whether as a amateur or the most dedicated professional, all are special to us . We work hard to ensure that all our products offer an irreverent and complete quality. Quality is our obligation , commitment to our customers will always be part of our policy.

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